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Melbourne’s Premier Waste Management Solutions

Stows has grown steadily over the years to become a leader in the collection, transport and disposal of industrial waste, liquid waste and solid wastes for a diverse range of industries.

Waste Management Services

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At Stows, we understand the importance of a clean environment for your safety and peace of mind. Our waste management services are catered for a diverse range of Melbourne households and businesses; whatever you need, the professionals at our company can provide.

Our team has experience dealing with industrial waste and hazardous wastes: these types of wastes have properties that can make them toxic or harmful to people’s health or the environment. Stows ensures to be up to date on all government regulations for industrial waste removal and can ensure your company is in line with them.

We’re also able to help remove drum waste, contaminated soil, and the like. Waste management is a key component in ensuring the efficiency of your business; let us handle all of that while you focus on more important operations of your business.

With more than 120 years of experience in the industry, we are confident we’ll be able to provide you with high quality and efficient waste management solutions. If you have any questions about our waste removal services in Melbourne or want to find out more about our disposal methods, get in touch with our team.

You can call Stows on 03 9305 2155 or request a quote online and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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