A Dedicated Team Helping Melbourne with Hazardous Waste Disposals

When your business produces hazardous waste, it can become rather complicated trying to decide how to dispose of it. Let Stows take care of it for you — we know all regulations and methods for a hassle-free hazardous waste removal in Melbourne.

Hazardous waste poses potential risks to human health and the environment, so it is vital the removal and disposal of these types of wastes is controlled and regulated. If you need help managing these and want to hear what your options for removals are, feel free to talk to the friendly team at Stows.

Get Quality Removal Services for Your Hazardous Waste

Stows is proudly Australian owned and managed and has been in the industry for decades. We handle waste management, removal, transportation, treatment, and disposal services for domestic sewerage and prescribed waste.

Our employees are committed to ensuring our customers get nothing but the best services. We can also assist in helping businesses manage their environmental footprint to ensure we are all playing our part in creating a more sustainable future.

Contact Stows for Efficient Management of Your Hazardous Waste

At Stows, we truly understand the value of high quality and efficient hazardous waste disposal. We are always up to date on the latest regulations and laws surrounding disposals and removals to ensure we are fulfilling our obligations.

Our Melbourne team are also proficient in a number of waste management solutions like septic tank cleaning, liquid waste removal, and more. To find out more about how our professionals can help you with hazardous waste removals or disposals, give us a call on 03 9305 2155. Alternatively, you can request a free quote online and we’ll get back to you with relevant information promptly. We look forward to working with you.

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