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Are you looking for high quality sewer disposal services in Melbourne? Look no further than Stows, your one-stop shop for all sewer disposal and waste management solutions.

Every community needs to ensure they have an effective and well treated sewer disposal system. The team at Stows can effectively manage any form of waste or blockage for sewer systems around Melbourne. We’re also well-versed on all local and national regulations surrounding sewer disposals and can ensure yours is up to standard.

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Prevent Environmental Contamination with Effective Sewage Disposal

It’s important that sewage disposals are treated correctly as inadequate treatment can lead to the contamination of surrounding bodies of water. Aside from that it could also produce pungent odours disrupting the people, plants, and animals in that environment.

Untreated and uncleaned sewage disposals also tend become breeding grounds for flies and mosquitoes that can bring unwanted diseases into the area. To ensure that you minimise the risk of any contamination of your sewage disposal systems, talk to our qualified professionals for help.

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Our family business has been servicing Melbourne for more than 120 years, which is why we aim to provide a whole range of waste management services. From liquid waste removals to drum waste disposals — we can provide the services you need.

As a leading provider in waste managements, you can be confident that when you come on board with Stows, you’ll get quality work and unbeatable customer service. We are ready to help all residential and commercial areas in Melbourne have a safe, clean and fresh environment for better health and better living.