Meet our Professional Team

Paul Stow

Paul Stow

Managing Director

Being a fourth-generation Stow, Paul possesses a significant passion for environmental sustainability in the waste sector. Over his three decades in the field, he has achieved favorable results for numerous clients spanning different industries. Beyond this, he actively participates in diverse industry discussions and contributes to the Victorian Waste Management Association.

Leading the company, Paul has instilled a mindset centered around customer service and the development of robust connections. His ongoing engagement with crucial associates among the clientele has consistently fostered growth through unwavering quality service.

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Imran Darwiche

General Manager

With over 15 years of experience with Stows and armed with a Bachelor of Business degree, Imran specialises in Transport and Logistics. His skill set encompasses a wide array of areas, including operations, finance, strategic marketing, procurement, tendering, human resources, and contracting. Imran’s passion for logistics and the waste industry is an ever-expanding driving force. Through his adept leadership, he nurtures a positive cultural ethos and boosts team morale to drive continuous performance improvement.

Notably, Imran holds a distinguished executive role within the Victorian Waste Management Association, further reflecting his dedication to the industry’s advancement.

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Hannah Stewart

Operations Manager

With 6 years of experience in water and sewer infrastructure and 8 years in waste management at Stows, Hannah offers expertise in operations, fleet scheduling, compliance, reporting, OH&S, and customer service. She served on the Transport Women Australia Limited Board of Directors, futher enhancing her industry experience.

Hannah holds a Bachelor of Business degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, showcasing strong organizational and planning skills. In her role, she oversees operational and field teams, fosters a positive team culture, ensures comprehensive service delivery, and provides tailored solutions, including emergency response.

Robert Berezdecky

Robert Berezdecky

Transport Manager

With over a decade of experience in logistics and a Bachelor of Business in Supply Chain and Logistics, Robert Berezdecky is an accomplished professional specializing in warehousing and operations. His career began in logistics, where he rose from a casual worker to Warehouse Supervisor, even managing a new warehouse setup overseas.

Robert previously served as an Operations Fleet Supervisor, coordinating time-sensitive deliveries of medical products and equipment. He excelled in optimizing logistical processes, managing teams, and fostering strong relationships with customers and external transport companies.

Robert has now started as a Transport Manager at Stows Waste Management, where he aims to leverage his extensive experience and leadership skills to drive efficiency and growth in the transport sector.

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Jackie Mitrevska

Administration Service Officer

Jackie brings over 25 years of administrative experience to our team, where she coordinates tasks like invoicing, trade waste log offs, and general client administrative needs. With an eye for detail, Jackie ensures smooth client services.

Jackie’s extensive experience and reliability greatly contribute to maintaining our service standards. Her proficiency in various responsibilities underscores our goal of providing excellent customer-focused service.

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Casandra Reyes

Office Assistant

Casandra has demonstrated a strong commitment to mastering the complexities of the waste transport industry. Her proactive approach to learning and adaptability have allowed her to effectively handle a variety of tasks, from general office duties to comprehensive administrative support. Casandra plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless service for which Stows Waste Management is renowned.

Her attention to detail and organizational skills have significantly contributed to the efficiency of daily operations. By managing schedules, coordinating communications, and maintaining records, Casandra supports the team in delivering high-quality service to our clients. Her enthusiasm for the industry and dedication to her role make her a valuable asset to the Stows team as she continues to grow and excel.

Laurie Cinquegrana

Laurie Cinquegrana

Maintenance Coordinator

Laurie Cinquegrana brings extensive experience in logistics and fleet management to his new role as Maintenance Coordinator at Stows Waste Management. With a career spanning over two decades, Laurie has held pivotal roles at various companies, including Linfox Transport and Beacon Transport, where he managed operations, supervised fleets, and developed client relationships.

Laurie’s expertise includes organizing delivery routes, maintaining safe working environments, ensuring compliance with company policies, and meeting customer KPIs. His leadership skills and commitment to operational excellence have consistently driven team performance and client satisfaction.

Now, at Stows Waste Management, Laurie aims to leverage his skills in maintaining and optimizing fleet operations to ensure efficient and reliable service delivery.