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Septic tanks are a major component that help dispose toilet waste in homes and buildings. Their main function is to trap and break down solid matters that come from liquid toilet waste. It’s crucial to get professionals to come in for a septic tank pumping to ensure all the sludge doesn’t get trapped or cause blockage.

In order to avoid inconvenience or problems to your home/buildings drainage systems, your septic tank should have a scheduled professional clean depending on usage. Cleaning needs to happen before the sludge (accumulated solid matter) occupies more than 30% of the tank.

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Septic Tank Pumping for Melbourne Households and Businesses

At Stows, we have more than 120 years of experience in the waste management industry and always endeavour to keep ourselves at the forefront of waste removal technologies.

We are also committed to listening to the needs of our Melbourne customers and providing them with advice that will ensure a cleaner and safer environment. Our first step is to make sure we have a thorough understanding of what we can do for our customer, followed by exceptional work for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Our team is also aware and committed to our environmental responsibilities and will ensure all waste disposal is done in line with regulations and without harm to the environment.

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For all your septic cleaning and pumping needs, speak to the team at Stows today. We can also assist with hazardous waste disposal, drum waste, contaminated soil, and more. Whatever waste management solutions you need, our team has the answers.

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