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Are you looking for someone to help out with your contaminated soil removal and disposal? The team at Stows is highly efficient and skilled in all matters regarding proper management of contaminated soil.

Soil contamination usually occurs due to past industrial activity or a high usage of agricultural chemicals and waste. Unchecked soil can cause serious pollution to the soil and damage the water table beneath. Our team can help you run tests on your soil and give you environmentally sustainable options for the disposal and removal of any contaminated soil. Call us to talk to an expert today.

Ensure Hassle Free Disposal of Your Contaminated Soil with Stows

Soil contamination can cause a number of problems for businesses in the area. Aside from damage to soil fertility and surrounding ecosystems, businesses suffer from working in an environment containing toxic dust.

When it comes to contaminated soil, it’s important to have the right team to manage its removal and disposal to avoid any further harms. Stows stays up to date on all regulations regarding hazardous waste disposal. We also have high quality equipment to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

We use a number of disposal methods and can help you figure out which one suits the unique needs of your business. With more than 120 years of experience in the industry, you can trust our team to provide unsurpassed customer service skills.

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To ensure you are keeping your workers and the environment safe from contaminated soil, call Stows on 03 9305 2155 today. We also offer other waste management solutions such as septic tank cleaning, drum waste disposals, sewer disposal and more.

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